The world's first connected sleep tracker and dream-enhancer.

Suggested Retail Price $349

Dream without limits.

Rediscover Your Dreams

Leverage the transformative power of your dreams to break through creative problems and performance blocks!

See the Light

Two high fidelity full-color LEDs deliver dream notifications by stimulating your eyes as you dream comfortably.

Comfort and Precision

Over 5 years in development with partnering sleep clinics, Aurora is the most comfortable bio-sensing sleep tracker you will ever put on your head.

Improve your Sleep

Discover your personal sleep architecture with Aurora’s precision sleep tracking and learn which habits are helping or hurting your nightly sleep performance.

Smart Alarm

Simply set your desired wake-up period and Aurora will gently wake you, easing the sleep-wake transition (app required).


Bluetooth Low Energy means you can connect Aurora to your IoT bedroom of tomorrow - adjust temperatures, lighting and music with the help of our open API and platform.


Bio Sensor

  • Brainwaves (EEG)
  • Eye Movements (EOG)
  • Muscle Tension (EMG)
  • Heart Rate (ECG)

Motion Sensor

  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • 3-Axis Gyroscope
  • Orientation Detection

Aurora Mobile App

Seamlessly control Aurora with your mobile device!

  • Configure Smart Alarm settings.
  • View nightly sleep summaries.
  • Connects to Aurora via Bluetooth Low Energy

Aurora Desktop App

Join our sleep revolution as we expand the frontier of modern sleep science!

  • Create and share your very own dreaming stimuli!
  • Try out new features before they are released.
  • Submit anonymous sleep data to a constantly growing database.

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