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Aurora is the first smart wearable device built from the ground up to enhance REM dreaming. Aurora awakens your mind at opportune moments during dreams to improve dream recall and clarity. Learn techniques used for centuries by professional artists, scientists and athletes to leverage REM sleep for creative problem solving. Wake up with purpose and enjoy the real cognitive benefits associated with enhanced sleep and dreams!

Beyond Sleep Tracking.

Learn your personal sleep architecture and get better rest as you maximize your sleep efficiency with brainwave-enabled insights. Let Aurora's intelligent Smart Alarm gently wake you at the best point in your cycle, leaving you feeling fully revitalized and ready to take on the day.

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iWinks is the thought leader in dream-enhancing neurotechnologies. Our team of expert neuroscience, engineering, and artificial intelligence specialists paired with a flexible IOT platform means that the Aurora offering will stay on the bleeding edge of sleep science for years to come.

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