Sleep Smarter.
Dream Bigger.

Presenting the first brain-sensing headband for better sleep and dream clarity...

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Sleep Smarter

Stay ahead of the competition with brain-powered sleep tracking and insights.

Dream Mindfully

Reconnect with yourself during dreams.

Wake Up Refreshed

Get the most out of what little time you have to recharge with our smart alarm!
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We all know the power of a great night of sleep:

Recover Faster

Sleep drives performance and recovery. Aurora can help better manage and sustain your energy.
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Trouble Sleeping?

Learn which behaviors could be hindering great sleep. Aurora measures brain activity — the most trusted method for sleep tracking.
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Dream in HD

Aurora was the first brain sensing headband to put the spotlight on lucid dreaming. Our patented technology pushes the bleeding edge of dream science.

Find out how Aurora can help you sleep and dream better tonight.

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Powerful Control in Your Hands

Access your sleep from anywhere with Aurora Mobile. Power users enjoy full access to the Aurora Desktop to customize your Aurora’s behavior!
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Let Aurora Help You Get Better Sleep

Decades of research and development preceded Aurora so you can get a great night of sleep tonight. Order now!
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