Aurora Dreamband

First brain-sensing headband for better sleep and dreams.

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Dream without limits.

Do you remember your dreams?

Aurora is a comfortable EEG-headband designed to stage sleep with accuracy comparable to the gold standard. Do you get enough REM sleep? Aurora can help you find out!

Aurora presents patent-pending audiovisual stimuli during REM sleep, proven by peer-reviewed science to increase dream recall. Aurora is empowering the world's largest open-science experiment for dream exploration.

Beyond Sleep Tracking.

Aurora’s smart alarm clock gently awakens you from the lightest stage of sleep with dawn-simulating lights, scientifically proven to reduce grogginess, or sleep inertia. Using your Aurora contributes to an open database of sleep-EEG which helps to advance sleep and dream science.

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Dedicated to improving sleep.

iWinks is the thought leader in dream-enhancing neurotechnologies. Our team of expert neuroscience, engineering, and artificial intelligence specialists paired with a flexible IOT platform means that the Aurora offering will stay on the bleeding edge of sleep science for years to come.

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