Are You Getting Great Sleep?

Not all sleep is created equal.

Jennifer and Matt both slept 8 hours.

Healthy Sleep

Healthy Sleep

Poor Sleep

Poor Sleep

Aurora can help uncover disturbances to your sleep cycle.

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The Clinic Experience

Accurate sleep tracking has traditionally been very expensive, requiring uncomfortable equipment.

The Aurora Experience

Aurora’s precision algorithms track sleep accurately in the comfort of your own bed.

How does Aurora help?

Sleep tracking guides you along your quest for optimal daily energy and cognitive performance.


Perform your best with your available energy each day.


Aurora tracks your sleep by monitoring your brainwaves and other bio-signals.


Make sustainable tweaks to daily routines to improve the quality of your sleep.

Aurora can help you maximize your energy right away.

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Did you know?

Exercising and sweating helps to promote deep sleep, while sleeping too much can leave you feeling lethargic.