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Learn how to interact with Aurora OS. Our docs are a great starting point for developers and non-developers alike.
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Multi-Platform SDKs

Tap into our flexible biomonitoring platform and dream up exciting new apps! Our dev packages will accelerate your next thought experiment.
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Full API Access

Access sleep data like never before. Our API tools make it seamless to plug directly into home-automation and IoT tech.

Unprecedented Access to the Aurora Universe

  • Comprehensive CLI
  • Open-source SDKs
  • Raw data access
  • Home Automation capabilities

Device Capabilities

Brain Sensing

Discover and understand your unique sleep architecture.

Movement Tracking

Learn how movement affects the quality of your sleep.

Wireless Connection

Data transfer and control without wires using Bluetooth LE.

High Storage

Store over 100 nights of sleep and movement data between syncs.

USB Rechargeable

No need for batteries. Recharge using the included USB cable.

Updateable System

New features made possible through free software updates.