The first brain sensing headband for better sleep and dream clarity.

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Aurora relies on state of the art sensors and technology to measure your mental state with precision.

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Eye Movements

Measuring eye movement helps make REM detection even more reliable.

Brain Oscillations

Measuring brainwaves is the only truly accurate way to detect sleep stages.

Body Movement

Measuring body movements provides additional insight into your sleep patterns.

Accurate Sleep Tracking

At the heart of the Aurora system is our state-of-the-art machine learning platform. With accurate sleep tracking, many new things become possible!


A good night’s rest will restore and revitalize you.


Use your new power to create and expand.

Deep Sleep Tracking

Lets you focus on rebuilding your body and health

REM Sleep Tracking

Empowers you to measure your dream potential

Light Therapy

Guides your sleeping mind into rest promoting patterns

Smart Alarm

Wakes you at the optimum point in your sleep cycle

Light/Sound Stim

Aurora is enabling a new generation of sleep and dream research.

Lucid Dreaming

The first headband campaign to promote mindful dreaming.

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Bring things full circle with the Aurora App Suite.

  • Review your sleep insights
  • Manage your sleep from anywhere
  • Customize Dream arousals
  • Contribute to an anonymous global sleep knowledgebase

Device Capabilities

Brain Sensing

Discover and understand your unique sleep architecture.

Movement Tracking

Learn how movement affects the quality of your sleep.

Wireless Connection

Data transfer and control without wires using Bluetooth LE.

High Storage

Store over 100 nights of sleep and movement data between syncs.

USB Rechargeable

No need for batteries. Recharge using the included USB cable.

Updateable System

New features made possible through free software updates.

Comfort & Safety

Our medical grade sensors are the most comfortable on the market. Aurora has been tested and certified safe by the following globally recognized entities: